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Ten Things I Have Learnt That Will Make You Happier.

I hope you don't mind me sharing some reflections with you today. Life is funny with its twists and turns and we all will have our own unique experiences and challenges. When I was younger I couldn't see past the stress and the problems and the worrying.

But now I am able to see how I have grown and learnt from my past experiences that led me to this amazing career as a Reflexologist and Wellness Coach.

From my own personal journey, here are ten things I have learned that can lead to greater fulfilment and happiness in life:

  1. For everything that has gone wrong in your life, learn to forgive yourself. I found this really hard but trust me, it is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.

  2. You cannot control stressful events but you can control how you yourself react towards them.

  3. Accept that not everyone you meet in life will like you and that's okay and not a reflection on who you are and what you represent.

  4. Try noticing how you talk to yourself. I bet much of it is negative inner-chatter that is far from the truth. Try talking to yourself as you would towards a loving friend.

  5. Don't spend all your life trying to make people understand you when they probably don't even understand themselves. Accept your uniqueness and love and embrace it.

  6. Don't worry about people who slander and dislike you as often these feelings are rooted in insecurity or jealousy and envy. Rather, focus your energy on those who share a kindred spirit and give you joy and happiness.

  7. Look after your health and try to exercise regularly. Those feel-good endorphins really do work:-)

  8. Don't live in the past wishing things had been different. They were not destined to be and cannot ever be undone but the present can still be filled with lots of joyous moments. So focus on making new beautiful memories.

  9. Life will not be devoid of pain and adversities and challenges. If you accept that then when you do have to face them you can do so with greater acceptance and less resistance and regrets which only adds to the stress.

  10. Do things regularly that make you feel relaxed and serene and help to recharge your battery. I was always running myself into the ground in an attempt to take care of everyone else. But my new motto now is: you are no good to others until you look after yourself first!

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