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Live Your Best Life

I applaud you in taking that all-important step towards investing in your health. Better health allows us to enjoy life more and increases our resilience in the face of daily stresses.


Holistic healing enabled my own recovery from years of debilitating pain and ill health helping me to reclaim my life in so many ways.


As much as it sounds like a cliche, for me it really is a case of living my best life ever since I recovered 16 years ago. This does not mean to say life is a breeze, devoid of all problems, but rather I have a more grateful outlook to life and am more resilient. This is because my ill health, largely due to chronic pain symptoms, hugely challenged me emotionally and physically for many years of my life. There were times that I felt very lonely, isolated and fearful for the future, unable to imagine a time I would be living my life without my debilitating back pain and sciatica.

Even though I was told by doctors I could never be pain free, even though I was given the diagnosis of 'slipped disc' at age 19and my MRI scan at age 39 showed Disc Degenerative Disease, even though I was urged to have spinal surgery (which I refused) and was almost confined to a wheelchair, I did not give up looking for a way to heal. 

Dr John Sarno saved my life through my discovery of his work just before I turned 40.


Evidence-based mind body medicine led to my eventual recovery which taught me the power and ability of the mind and body to self-heal, given the right conditions. 

I now passionately work towards helping women to heal from chronic pain and other stress-induced persistent symptoms from the implementation of the mind body medicine strategies. For those who are not suffering from chronic conditions and simply looking to enjoy better health and manage/reduce stress, I offer reflexology and other holistic treatments. 

When you put your faith in Leeds Holistic Health entrusting me with your health issues, you can be assured you will receive nothing short of an excellent service!


My level 5 Mastership in Clinical Professional Reflexology training included studies in Anatomy and Physiology which allow me to service my clients with a high level of skill and expertise. This has been supplemented with further CPD training in Reflexology for Stress, Indian Head Massage, Advanced Facial Reflexology, Facial Cupping, Stress Management Studies and Mindfulness Training.

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Stress Less, Live More

I have also completed a Professional Development Training Programme with the Menopause Movement and successfully completed a Practitioners Diploma in Menopause Wellness which allows me to support perimenopausal women suffering from stress-induced pain/symptoms. 


Stress management is an area that I focus on greatly, constantly reiterating the message about the dangers of chronic stress, as well as giving strategies on how to reduce stress in order to help ease symptoms and improve general well-being, no matter what age you are. 

Ladies, whether you are looking to relax and rejuvenate, dispel all that fatigue and negative energy from the body, built up from overwork and stress, or be educated, empowered and supported with my coaching programmes to heal from chronic pain/stress-induced conditions, Shaheen at Leeds Holistic Health is waiting  to help you.

Qualifications & Further Training

Level 5 Centralia Mastership in Reflexology with Jubilee College

- October 2017

Jubilee College in one of the largest Reflexology training colleges in the UK where I graduated with Level 5 Mastership, currently the highest qualification in the UK in this modality

Level 4 in Anatomy and Physiology with Jubilee College -

October 2017

This has equipped me with a thorough grounding in the structure and  workings of the human body and its various systems, and how disease can impact upon these, causing imbalance and disharmony. 

CPD Training in Chronic Pain /Stress Illness Recovery with SIRPA

July 2019

Trained by Georgie Oldfield, a leading physiotherapist in her field and the Founder of SIRPA and author of: 'Chronic Pain: Your Key To Recovery'. 32.5 CPD hours covering as at the date of the training:  latest pain research, manifestations of stress illness, treatment methodologies, pain science, how to recognise stress illness and treatment principles. 

Further CPD Training

Advanced Facial Reflexology with London School of Reflexology - April 2018

Diploma in Indian Head Massage with Therapy Training School - September 2018

Reflexology For Stress with Hagar Basis - February 2020

Primary Certificate in Stress Management with Centre for Coaching -

February 2020

Facilitator in Mindfulness with Mindfulness Educators - March 2021

Facial Cupping with London School of Reflexology - July 2021

Body Massage Therapy Practitioner Diploma with Natural Therapy Studio - November 2021

Hot Stone Massage Practitioner Diploma with Natural Therapy Studio - December 2021

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CPD Training in Reflexology For Menopause with London School of

Reflexology - July 2022

Professional Training Programme with the Menopause Movement - February 2023


Practitioners Diploma in Menopause Wellness with Gateway Workshops - February 2023

Facial Gua Sha Mastery Stone Medicine with London School of Reflexology -

June 2023

Professional Membership

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SIRPA - Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association

 Association of Reflexologists

Federation of Holistic Therapies

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