My Story

I applaud you in taking that step towards investing in your health. Better health allows us to enjoy life more. Holistic healing enabled my own recovery from years of debilitating pain and ill health helping me to reclaim my life in so many ways.  I now passionately dedicate my time to helping others to understand the importance of good health and how to achieve it.

When you approach Leeds Holistic Health entrusting me with your health issues, you can be assured you will receive nothing short of the very best service.  I worked diligently to attain the highest level in Clinical Professional Reflexology studies which incorporated in depth studies in Anatomy and Physiology, supplemented with further CPD training in Reflexology for Stress and Facial Reflexology.


My treatments are unique and extremely effective because my skill set as a leading Reflexologist in the field is enhanced with my further studies in Stress Management and in the latest developments in pain medicine. 


What are we all looking for? We are seeking to nurture our minds and bodies, so that we can feel and look great. We want our minds to be de-cluttered and our bodies to feel re-energised, relaxed, pain and stress free. We seek to be empowered to look after ourselves with confidence and ease.

This is what Leeds Holistic Health is all about. And it is about me Shaheen, taking the time to getting to know each and every one of you beautiful ladies that enters my treatment room so that we can work together to help you enjoy your life more through better health.

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  • Level 5 Centralia Mastership in Reflexology with Jubilee College

Jubilee College in one of the largest Reflexology training colleges in the UK where I graduated with Level 5 Mastership , currently the highest qualification in the UK in this modality

  • Level 4 in Anatomy and Physiology with Jubilee College

This has equipped me with a thorough grounding in the structure and  workings of the human body and its various systems, and how disease can impact upon these, causing imbalance and disharmony. 

  • Licensed Pain Specialist with SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner's Association

I specialise in helping sufferers of chronic pain and other persistent symptoms brought on by psychological processes and the effects of stress. Trained by Georgie Oldfield, and inspired by my own recovery from 21 years of back pain, my Pain Free Programme integrates proven, evidence-based strategies to help sufferers of chronic pain/symptoms where everything else has failed.

Further Qualifications

  • CPD Training in Advanced Facial Reflexology with London School of Reflexology

Trained by the renowned  Ziggie Bergman , the UK's foremost Facial Reflexologist and founder of 'The Bergman Method' of facial reflexology. This is not just a 'facial' but can have profound therapeutic effects upon the body.

Trained by  Ziggie Bergman in this unique treatment that provides an ethical alternative to botox when undertaking the full 12 week programme.  Incorporates deep facial cleansing, facial reflexology using an award-winning Elixir oil,  deep facial massage, followed by head, neck shoulder massage. Lifts the face and spirit.

  • CPD Training in Zone Face Lift with London School of Reflexology

  • Professional Membership of Association of Reflexologists

My membership of the above is testimony to the fact that I am operating within a professional framework and can provide assurance to my clients of my adherence to a professional code of ethics and practise to the highest standards.

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