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Avoid The Menopause Age Spurt

Did you know our skin ages in ‘spurts’? This means we can suddenly age at a disproportionate rate all of a sudden. A scary thought but it happens all the time.

Women often complain that they feel they have suddenly aged overnight! This particularly happens during the years that lead up to menopause, which can be as early as in your 30’s, and ageing definitely accelerates in the menopause years. It is not unknown for some women to feel that they have aged 10 years in the space of a few months!

And there is scientific evidence to back this up. According to Dr Rajiv Grover, President of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, our face undergoes ageing in ‘spurts,’ just as it does when we are children. He conducted a 9 year research study, which was presented via the The Concept of Ageing Spurts report in 2010, and it confirmed that ageing was not a gradual process. Dr Grover studied 118 women, aged between 40 and 45 at the start of the research and followed them for nine years. The study carried out in association with the Q-Med Institute, measured changes in facial volume and ageing in the upper, mid and lower face and then explored lifestyle events to see if they were contributory factors. The study revealed that ageing can occur in distinct accelerated spurts with as much as 35% of ageing, which normally takes place over a decade, occurring in one year alone! Of course genetics affect how we age, but we all know that lifestyle factors also have a massive influence. Studies have shown that weight loss, smoking, divorce, illness, job loss, inactivity and bereavement particularly accelerate ageing. As does the onset of perimenopause and menopause when the hormone oestrogen can drop suddenly. And what do all of these have in common? They all correlate to high levels of stress.

So what can be done to combat this? Here are a few tips to implement that will prevent premature ageing as well as help your skin to look its best. Ideally, start as early as possible and preferably, before perimenopause and menopause hits. But even if you didn't, it doesn't matter.

Remember, better late than never!

  • Manage your stress levels – meditation, yoga and reflexology are particularly beneficial here since they reduce the stress chemicals that build up in the body affecting how we look and feel. Reflexology can also help to balance hormones that are wildly fluctuating during perimenopause and menopause.

  • Skincare routine – use quality, organic products that do not contain parabens which interfere with hormones. And never. ever go to sleep with your make-up on.

  • Facial massage – massage your skin daily to boost collagen and protect its elasticity. Treat yourself to a good facial once a month and don't forget regular facial reflexology and facial cupping which are amazing in helping with lymphatic drainage, flushing out toxins, boosting circulation, boosting collagen naturally, helping with cell regeneration and minimising dark circles and fine lines.

  • Stay hydrated – You can easily tell dehydrated skin a mile off! Drink plenty of filtered water during he day, eliminate or cut down on alcohol and start the day with a glass of warm (filtered) water with a squeeze of lemon or lime which helps to flush out toxins to brighten the skin and boost the immune system.

If you are thinking: 'Oh no, I have really let myself go'! Well, its never too late. You can start now. As they say, there's no time like the present!

If you have never tried facial reflexology or facial cupping, now is the time to experience these amazing treatments and see for yourself the benefits they confer upon mind, body and skin. Click on the link below to book in your first (or next) treatment and start enjoying better skin and health and avoiding the menopause spurt!

Why not start building some of the above good habits from today? They will not only promote healthy and glowing skin and prevent premature ageing, but also help you to feel great too.


Shaheen Jaffary is a Reflexology Expert and Menopause & Wellness Coach helping ladies to attain emotional and physical health through various holistic therapies. She has a special interest in advising and supporting women who are navigating perimenopause and beyond via bespoke stress management and menopause coaching, menopause reflexology and other holistic packages designed to soothe, reset and restore mind and body.

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