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Are You Exercising Self-Care or Self-Neglect?

It is so difficult to escape our modern, fast-paced lifestyle, with the stresses and worries that come with it. But we do have the power and choice to look after our mind and body so that we can learn to deal with all the challenges modern life presents, without it making us exhausted, stressed and burnt out.

It is a fact that the more we have embraced modern technology into our lives, the more we have forgotten to care for ourselves. Like really care for ourselves in an authentic way.

Maybe you cared for yourself years ago when life was simpler or maybe, like me, you never really appreciated the importance of self-care. It was not until I trained as a Reflexologist and Mind Body Coach 4 years ago that I fully appreciated how much I had neglected myself all those years in an attempt to look after every one else. I failed to realise that I cannot be there for others if I am not in a good way myself.

So the starting point is you!

And it's never too late. Nor are we ever too busy to inject some self-care into our life, even though we think we are. Because it's all about priorities.

Our health is the most important thing as without good health, all the money in the world cannot make us happy.

So are you thinking right now: " Hmm that's me...guilty of self-neglect!"

Well, here are some questions to get you thinking and help you to make some small, but consistent changes to your lifestyle to help you lead a healthier and happier life.

And by that I mean less fatigue, less pain, less anxiety and less stress. Ultimately, a better quality of life. Which, of course is what we are all striving for, isn't it?

So I would invite you to ask yourself the following:

  1. Are you making healthy food choices?

  2. Are you sleeping well?

  3. Do you have a counselor, health coach or trusted friend to talk to?

  4. Are you exercising regularly?

  5. Are you making time for journaling and self-reflection?

  6. Do you practise mindfulness regularly?

  7. Are you keeping a distance from toxic relationships?

  8. Do you have a regular gratitude practise?

  9. Are you engaging in activities that make you feel happy and at peace?

  10. Are you stimulating the mind and learning new things?

  11. Are you remaining socially active with close family and friends?

  12. Are you taking time out for regular relaxation and restoration be it through a walk in nature, a soak in the bath, reflexology/massage or simply reading a good book for an hour?

Hopefully, you can start to address some of the above if they have been neglected and impacted your mental or physical health.

If, however, you feel you could benefit from some professional help please contact me on the link below for a free consultation to discuss where your current lifestyle is adversely affecting your mental and physical health and how you can work towards countering this.


Shaheen Jaffary is a Clinical Reflexologist and Wellness Coach helping people to attain emotional and physical health through various holistic therapies and mind body medicine. To book a treatment or a free consultation please click the following link: or

For any enquiries please email at:

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