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An Indulgent and Totally Mind Body Rejuvenating Experience

2 Hour Autumn Glow Pamper £135

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Wow! I left Shaheen floating and feeling the best I have in such a long time. Shaheen was so kind, explained everything and was very thorough, extremely professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I fell asleep during my 2 hour treatment and honestly cannot believe how good I feel. Treat yourself! Shaheen is one of the best therapists I have ever used. Thank you!

Bec Gilray - Spoil and Pamper Me Package

2 Hour Autumn Glow Spa Experience £135


If you are feeling exhausted, stressed, suffering from anxiety, needing some restful sleep and your skin boosting, you are in the right place and I have the perfect treat for you!


Are you ready to embrace the essence of autumn with my 2 hour Autumn Glow Package, a blissful escape from the stresses of your daily life into relaxation and rejuvenation, designed to leave you feeling renewed, radiant and utterly relaxed.

Your journey begins in my beautiful treatment room, where aromatic scents and soothing music transport you to a place of calmness and tranquillity.

  • Begin with a soothing Eve Taylor facial cleanse and gentle exfoliation, using hot towels and aromatic luxury products, carefully chosen to nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and radiant.

  • Next, indulge in my advanced facial AND cranial Gua Sha techniques (NEW treatment!) using various stone tools that deeply relax mind and body and encourage healing to take place through working on the energy meridian lines and acupressure points. (Think of it as acupuncture but stimulation with stone tools instead of with needles). The advanced facial Gua Sha will lift and tone the skin, reduce fine lines and puffiness, helps to release blocked emotions held in the fascia that tightens up with stress and tension, causing drooping and lines and boost cell renewal and collagen. This specialized technique promotes not only a luminous complexion but also stimulates the body to self-heal and helps you achieve ultimate relaxation.

  • Reduce stress and pain, let your fatigue and worries melt away and boost lymphatic drainage and healthy hair growth with a deep scalp, decollete, neck and shoulder massage

  • Finally, surrender to the bliss of my restorative foot reflexology, where I will work my magic to relieve stress, help flush out toxins, boost circulation and restore balance throughout your body.

  • Heated, large, comfortable massage couch with a weighted blanket to deepen your relaxation experience.

  •  There will be a complimentary gift of an Eve Taylor luxury facial oil to take home (retails at £12.40), so you can continue to pamper yourself and maintain that radiant glow.

  •  This blissful spa experience is like a warm hug from autumn itself.

  • Leave my sanctuary feeling truly rejuvenated, with skin that glows and a sense of deep relaxation that will stay with you long after your Autumn Glow Pamper.

Most relaxing package I've had in ages - from the back massage that begins it, to the foot massage it ends with....From the beautiful music Shaheen chose, to the warming massage bed and weighted blanket, it all makes you feel cosy and cocooned so you can drift away. Overall a wonderful treatment.

Polly Cummings, Autumn Glow Package, 2021

Polly Cummings, Autumn Glow Package


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