NEW! Spring Revival Package 

2 Hours of blissful spa experience!



I arrived feeling stressed & full of fatigue,
I left feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed & re-energised.

Amanda Keal

We all need a thorough revival after the never ending lock-down that has no doubt taken its toll on our health, one way or another. I invite you to take a long-awaited escape from the stresses of your busy, daily schedule and allow yourself to be revived, rejuvenated and your spirits lifted with my luxurious 2 hour Spring Revival Package.

My haven of warmth and tranquility, infused with aromatic scents is awaiting to pamper you with 120 minutes of sheer indulgence. It will be sure to put that sparkle back into your skin that has been at the mercy of the sharp winter weather as well as remove the tiredness from your body, leaving you feeling thoroughly refreshed and de-stressed.    

Package worth £135. Here is what I have in store for you:​

  • Treatment in my tranquil, aromatherpay scent-infused treatment room.

  • Commence your beautiful spa experience with a soothing foot soak in epsom and lavender salts whilst allowing your mind and body to relax along with a short stress-releasing meditation (can be omitted if preferred).

  • Then slip into soft fluffy blankets on my heated massage couch and be covered with a weighted blanket that will deepen your relaxation experience.

  • Succumb to an upper back, shoulder, neck massage with warm sweet almond oil, relieving all those tension knots that have built up causing pain and stiffness, followed by a deep scalp massage allowing all your worries to float away.

  • Now it's time to work my magic on your skin. We underestimate the toll that stress and the winter weather can take on our skin, causing dryness and premature ageing. Your skin will be deeply cleansed using hot towels infused with rose aromatherapy oil, and the finest products that you deserve. Deep facial cleansing will commence with REN rose infused cleansing gel that hydrates and reduces pore size, followed by my gorgeous organic, hand-made coffee, honey and lemon scrub to remove all dead cells leaving soft and sparkling skin. Finishing with a Neils Yard face mask to suit your skin type, to further nourish and revive the skin.

  • Whilst mask is taking, allow yourself to bask in a soothing full arms and hand massage, removing further fatigue and finishing with Neils Yard Bee Lovely hand cream to treat dry, winter hands.

  • Next you will be treated to the Bergman Facial Reflexology treatment using an award-winning, age defying  luxurious Elixir oil  to tone and lift the skin and re-balance mind and body.

  • This will be followed by deep facial massage using hand massage techniques and tools including the derma roller and  jade gua sha all designed to : enhance lymphatic drainage, aid wrinkle reduction, promote a brighter, more even complexion and increase skin cell renewal.

  • To further deepen your relaxation experience, you will then receive my signature Indian Head Massage with sweet almond oil, incorporating a second deep scalp, neck and shoulder massage.  By this stage you will have switched off fully, and possibly snoring!

  • Now is the time to move to the foot of the couch where you will be further pampered, but not before placing a gorgeous lavender eye pillow on your eyes to revive tired eyes and relieve any tension in the sinuses, head/eye area.

  • I will first commence with a foot cleanse routine using hot towels and a hand-made peppermint and coconut oil foot scrub. This will be  followed by a deeply reviving Foot Reflexology using Flying Wild organic Reflexology balm, ending with a lovely foot massage to leave your feet fully refreshed and remove any final traces of fatigue weighing you down.

  • Feel free to remain an extra few minutes to enjoy a drink of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice or a herbal tea, both assisting in the detoxification process.

  • All treatment delivered in compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines.

Warm towels, cosy room with an open fire, relaxing music and a hot drink after the treatment. Such a lovely Christmas treat :) Thank you Shaheen!

Anna Fidler, Winter Sparkle Package