The Myths Surrounding Chronic Pain

A staggering 28 million people in the UK are suffering from chronic pain, and many of them do not need to be. Why are they suffering? Because conventional medicine is failing them and instead of treating the underlying cause, it is simply attributing their pain to a physical cause.


 Increasing evidence is showing that sadly chronic pain and many persistent conditions that patients are living with and suffering from in modern times, are the manifestation of chronic stress and/or deeply repressed psychological emotions/trauma. Often there is no clear evidence of structural abnormalities that explain their symptoms.


Thus they are unfortunately misdiagnosed by medical practitioners and the biomedical treatment protocol, often involving any or all of the following: pain medications, injections and surgery, is proving ineffective This has resulted in an epidemic in chronic pain!

Watch the short video below by Dr Howard Schubiner, a leading Medical Practitioner in the field of Neuroscience and Mind-Body Medicine, that explains the role that stress plays in the manifestation of chronic pain due to learned neural pathways. 

  • It is possible to become pain free, in spite of what you may have been told.

  • It is possible to have pain even if all scans and MRIs are not showing the presence of any structural deformities.

  • It is possible to be pain free in spite of the presence of structural deformities such as bulging or herniated discs, degenerative spines, protusions, compressions, stenosis and others.

  •  It is possible to become pain free after many years of pain. I suffered with intermittent back pain for 21 years!

  •  It is possible for medical practitioners to advise you that you need surgery on your back or knee or hip or shoulder based on  the results of an MRI scan when in fact there is no need for it. 

  •  It is possible to actually undergo surgery only for the pain to return later at which point to be advised that further surgery is required. This is a sign that surgery was not the best decision in the first place.

  • It is possible that your pain symptoms have been created due to an emotional cause and the resulting learned nerve pathways, and not a physical cause.

  •  It is possible due to neuroplasticity, through persistence and patience, for the brain to develop new neuro-pathways which can help to alleviate symptoms.

It is possible because we know much more about the brain and pain science from studies in Neuroscience.  Significant results across clinical studies is providing evidence-based techniques using a mind-body approach to help alleviate chronic pain and other persistent symptoms.

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