The Pain Free Programme

What Is The Pain Free Programme?


The Pain Free Programme with Leeds Holistic Health is helping sufferers of chronic pain and other persistent symptoms to not just manage their symptoms but attain actual relief from them, enabling them to regain their lives.. The Pain Free Programme seeks to do the following:

  • Educate you on the concept of stress-induced pain/symptoms so that you understand how the pain manifests. This is a crucial and very powerful aspect of the programme and this alone has been known to reduce pain significantly in some sufferers.

  • Address any past issues that have a lot of negative emotion attached to them and have been repressed which are most likely contributing to the pain/symptoms.

  • Break the pain cycle and develop healthier nerve pathways through learning self-empowering strategies that will help you to take control of your life where previously your pain/symptoms are behind the wheel.

  • Identify any stress-inducing personality traits and behaviours which are inadvertently contributing to your pain/symptoms and are often the reason behind future relapses.  Once acknowledged, with the implementation of some strategies and life skills, it is possible to prevent such occurrences.

  • Identify and work on current stressors to enable you to identify and combat triggers and to become more resilient in the face of emotional stress so as to avoid future recurrence of pain/symptom

Is This Programme For Me?


  • Are you suffering from chronic pain or other persistent conditions (see list below) or from a 'medically unexplained' condition and have been told there is not much more that can be done for your condition, except take medication?

  • Have you had all necessary medical check-ups to rule out any serious condition such as fractures, cancer, tumours, auto-immune conditions?

  • Are you willing to retain an open mind and embrace an unconventional, yet evidence-based Mind Body Medicine approach that worked for my pain and has helped/ is helping thousands of other sufferers worldwide who are following similar recovery programme.

If you have answered YES to all 3 questions, then it is possible that your pain/symptoms are due to overly sensitised neural pathways (see Mind Body Connection) and there is every likelihood that you can benefit from following a Mind Body approach to aid your healing.


So why not go ahead and contact me to schedule a FREE 20 minute, no obligation, telephone consultation to discuss whether my Pain Free Programme using the SIRPA Approach is the right fit for you. 

Success Stories

Sobia Rashid,  Leeds. December 2020 ★★★★★


I had never suffered from migraines before. My pain came on one evening quite mildly which I ignored. The next day I woke up and the pain was alot worse to the extent I was feeling sick and retching. The pain got so bad that the back of my kneck started to hurt too and I couldn't lift my head up. I felt paralysed as the pain was so severe I couldn't do anything. I had to lean on my husband to walk around the house. I wasn't able to take my children to school, or do any of the everyday stuff that I would normally do.

My GP sent me to the hospital because the pain was so bad. The hospital did 2 CT scans, a lumber puncture, blood tests, eyes tests, but ALL WAS NORMAL. BUT... I was still in so much pain.
It was quite bizarre because every painkiller/different type of medication that was prescribed made me feel worse and the pain was still there. My husband was reduced to tears because he couldn't understand what the pain was - where it was coming from and why? He felt helpless and hated seeing me suffer like this.

After 2 weeks of torture, no relief from the meds, and being practically bed bound, I was advised to do the Pain Free Programme with Shaheen. I was so desperate I was willing to do anything. This involved various minimum daily tasks that I could manage. I was asked to implement strategies from mind body medicine which I had never heard of before. It made me realize all the stress I had been going through but ignoring and how it had led to me reaching burn out and suffering so much ill health. I realized how I had suppressed so many emotions like anger/grief/worry for years and years and I guess it had finally caught up with me.

I started doing the ‘work’ and after a few days I saw a difference to my head/neck pain and I had stopped all painkillers! I was astounded!! At first the pain would go and then return but Shaheen explained why this can happen so I continued. I tried the Programme for 4 weeks and it ACTUALLY WORKED!!! It was amazing, and yes it does take up between 15-30mins of your day but it actually works wonders!!! I couldn’t believe it when I woke up finally one morning with no migraine! I had been having them daily for weeks.

The hospital prescribed me so many different tablets, one after the other, but they never actually got rid of the pain. By taking the medication I would suffer more from the side effects. So eventually I stopped the medication and fully concentrated on the Pain Free Programme. By following the steps/tasks in the programme and being fully committed the pain actually COMPLETELY WENT!

Shaheen was so helpful. We did the sessions on zoom and she emailed me the ‘homework’ and was so supportive. She really was passionate about me getting better. She would send me various literature to read and always encouraged me and that really helped. She is very professional, and a unique person. I am now 5 weeks in and getting better everyday. I feel like I have my life back and can be a mother again to my children.:-)


It’s been 6 weeks now and I have had no pain and feel completely well. I rate the programme 10 out of 10 and would strongly advise people (suffering from migraines or other chronic pain) to do this!

Mohneen Jaffrey,  Dubai . December 2019 ★★★★★


I woke up one morning and I couldn’t move my neck, I was crippled with pain. I was completely baffled by this pain as there had been no symptoms prior to this. After visiting the Doctor I was simply told to rest and take painkillers. After a few days there was no relief at all. I researched for alternative therapies and came across Shaheen at SIRPA. I had a detailed Initial Consultation (all done via Skype by the way and email) I was put on a mind body programme which involved implementing some cognitive and behavioural strategies to help target the underlying cause of the pain to get rid of it. These involved journaling and meditation, amongst other things. Shaheen explained in detail how sometimes pain can be caused due to repressed emotions and stress, but never would I have believed it could cause this much pain and restriction of movement in my neck! Really scary! Amazingly, after a week I started seeing improvement without taking any medicine! I worked with Shaheen over a few weeks and can honestly say I was as good as 99% healed, if not 100%! There are many reasons why I would highly recommend Shaheen. Apart from the fact that she is very knowledgeable and seems to genuinely care and listens carefully which makes her a truly amazing therapist, she has taught me strategies and helped me to implement small lifestyle changes to help me with any other pain, such as headaches. I now really believe in the power of Mind Body Medicine as I have experienced it myself and I just want to tell everyone about it!

From my heart Shaheen, I thank you.🌷

Stephanie Wearden,  Leeds.  September 2020 ★★★★★


​I have just finished my 5th Mind Body Pain Free session with Shaheen and can only say I'm so thankful for coming across her programme. After countless visits with various Doctors who didn't really understand the symptoms I was experiencing, after one visit with Shaheen I had improved. I was initially bed bound and after 2 sessions I was able to go downstairs for the first time in a long while. I highly highly recommend to anyone for stress management or any chronic pain and would happily speak to anyone considering this. I now have my life back and I'm able to be a mum again.

Owen Brinley  Leeds. March 2020 ★★★★★


Shaheen has been an amazing help and I highly recommend her Pain Free Programme for sufferers of what many call TMS/Mindbody Syndrome/PPD - essentially stress illness. She can really help with any symptoms that come as a result of this and is a pleasure to deal with.

Shazia M  Leeds. March 2020 ★★★★★


After years of suffering from severe symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome I decided I had had enough and had to get my life back. I followed the Pain Free Programme for 3 months and my therapist Shaheen was absolutely amazing. What can I say! I cannot believe where my journey started and it has ended with me
thankfully pain free. I cannot thank Shaheen enough. My doctors had advised that the only option available to me was the steroid injection which had proved ineffective last year. I took the plunge with a unique holistic approach and am so glad I did. I would highly recommend anyone who is living with chronic pain and are at the end of their tether to seek help as there is help available for chronic pain. Shaheen is very professional and personable. She is truly amazing and I am eternally grateful to her.
Shazia M

Hayley Louise, Leeds. October 2019 ★★★★★


Shaheen’s wealth of experience in the holistic approach to healing, her kind heart and caring nature are just some of the reasons why I am now a regular client in her clinic. Since the onset of Pleurisy in December 2018, I developed symptoms which were unexplained and I was often called a ‘medical mystery’ as my symptoms were not presenting towards medical diagnosis. In February 2019, I contacted Shaheen to discuss alternatives therapies which is when she introduced me to the world of TMS. Although it was a minefield at first, the concept of TMS and how the brain protects itself is absolutely fascinating. During our sessions, her reassurance and guidance through different activities and techniques is so soothing and comforting to know that there is an answer to what is causing my symptoms. Over a period of six months, we worked through the programme and now, I can confidently say that I use the SIRPA techniques to support my daily life. Yes, life throws me curve balls which is where my reflexology sessions come in nicely but I am now taking control of my symptoms.Thank you, Shaheen. 😊100% recommend this lovely lady for any type of holistic treatment, from reflexology to SIRPA counselling.


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